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Virtual & face to face options


Combining a detailed history and physical assessment Lisa will work towards a diagnosis. An extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics enables her to diagnose and treat not only your symptoms, but also the underlying causes of your problem. As a result, she can improve the speed and effectiveness of your recovery as well as help to prevent future re-occurrences.


Depending on the diagnosis, the treatment could include a combination of; self-mobilisation/manipulation, neuromuscular facilitation, or specific exercises along with education to help treat your condition. 

The focus is to address the underlying cause of the injury or dysfunction, rather than simply treating the symptoms.


All rehabilitation programmes are designed to fit your individual needs. 

A variety of exercise and rehabilitation techniques often used include; core stability (Pilates), strength and conditioning, stretching (yoga), postural correction, gym-based exercises, gait correction and also sport specific rehabilitation.

Again - the rehab is individual to you. 

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