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Beginner Sessions

Beginner sessions in Canicross cover, safety for you and your dog, an overview of Canicross kit, (including equipment fitting and optional use of the equipment during the session). A warm up routine, canicross cues whilst practicing a run/hike and finally a cool down. 


1:1 and Group sessions available


The improver sessions are for those wanting to develop their Canicross skills.

Each workshop will focus on specific Canicross skills.

Skills include; pulling, directional cues, downhill work, terrain. 

If you're new to Canicross you will need to attend the beginner session first.

1:1 and group sessions available

1:1 sessions

Utilising my skills as a Physiotherapist and Canicross Coach in these 1:1 sessions. These sessions are tailored to both human and pooch. 

 A session may include: Fine tuning skills, building human strength,  providing a training plan for you both. 

Please do get in touch to discuss your needs.

Canicross Coach
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